Auto Insurance With No Credit Check

One of the most important factors that insurance companies use in determining auto insurance premiums is a driver’s credit score. Your credit score is a complete history of how you pay your bills and handle your financial obligations. If you are constantly late on payments, or don’t pay your credit cards at all, then you will obtain a lower credit score. Insurance companies hold the belief that a person with a lower credit score is more likely to file an auto insurance claim and is therefore considered a higher risk. Because of this reason, those drivers who have a low credit score will typically face increased premiums.

Sometimes, people will go through a difficult period in their life where their credit score has suffered immensely. This may be as a result of a major injury or life changing event and the individual has fallen behind on bills or medical expenses. This can certainly affect the credit score. Technically, this person isn’t really a high risk to claim, but an unfortunate situation has placed them in that category.

When you obtain a quote from an insurance company, they will require your permission to check your credit score. If your score is low, then you are in a dilemma, especially if you are on a tight budget. In a case like this, you can receive a no credit check car insurance quote. There are many online sites that you can search through to compare quotes. You simply fill out an online form and then you will receive a variety of quotes.

No credit check auto insurance rates do not take your credit score into consideration but they still do weigh several other important factors. Your driving record and insurance history still have a major influence on what premium is charged. The best way to get cheap no credit car insurance quotes is to shop around and compare the rates offered by different companies. There are so many companies available on the Internet, you are sure to find one that will fit your coverage requirements and your budget.