Classic Car Insurance Tips

Insuring your classic car can be a daunting task. It requires research and a lot of time to find exactly what policy you will need for your classic car. We recommend asking yourself a few simple questions before you decide to obtain an insurance quote.

1. How many miles do you plan or put on your classic?

2. Is it stored at your home or in a storage facility?

3. Does it contain many upgrades or high performance parts?

4. Does it have anti-theft equipment?

Placing anti-theft equipment on a classic car will greatly decrease the amount of insurance you will pay per month. Classic cars are seen as a high theft item, so anything that can be included on the vehicle that will help deter thieves will lower your premium. Take pictures and document all of the upgrades and performance parts that have been put on the car. If the vehicle is wrecked or stolen this ensures that you have proper documentation of all of the upgrades and will get paid in from the insurance company for these parts.

Storing your classic car in a secure location is the key to lowering classic car premiums. Whether it is garaged at your house or a storage facility it needs to be stored in a good location where theft is low. Check with the local authorities to find out theft stats and so forth. Most classic car owners put very few miles on their car, which lowers the amount of insurance you will pay per month. If this is your first classic then try calculating how many miles you will drive per day or per week.