Do I have to get auto insurance?

Yes, almost every state requires that drivers have auto insurance coverage. Most states have a minimum liability insurance coverage amount that a driver must have. If you get pulled over without insurance you will receive a ticket and possibly be required to get an SR-22 filing that provides proof of insurance to the state. If you get in to an accident without auto insurance coverage you will be required to pay for all of the damages out of pocket which could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Basically, it is in your best interest to always carry at least liability insurance in order to stay legal and protect yourself in case of an accident. Basic liability auto insurance is very affordable, and with a bit of comparison shopping you should be able to find a great policy for great rate. If you are worried about the cost of insurance, make sure you compare auto insurance quotes from at least 2 different companies to make sure you are getting the cheapest auto insurance available.

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