High Risk Auto Insurance and Accidents

High risk insurance is a category that insurance companies place drivers into that have had a few issues like tickets, DWI’s or DUI’s, and car accidents. Generally a high risk driver will pay much more for auto insurance than a standard driver would. We have provided some steps that will help you re-establish your driving record and help you save tons of money on your auto insurance now and in the future.

The first step you can take is to avoid driving during rush hour or the busiest time. Most accidents occur during these times, so by not getting on the road, you will decrease the chances of getting in to an accident. If this situation does not work for you because of work then try leaving and arriving at a different time, thirty minutes can make a big difference. Before you do this, make sure that it is ok with your employer or superior.

Moving out of an urban area into a more rural area also eliminates the amount of fender benders. Rural areas generally have fewer vehicles which decreases the opportunity for an accident. If living in a rural area does not suit you then try using public transportation more often. This method has helped many people decease accidents; lower insurance rates, and saves the environment. Some people also see this as a stress relief and enjoy the time by doing other things like reading books or listening to music.