How Much Car Insurance Coverage should I get?

Technically you only need the required amount of coverage that the state has put forth. The minimum auto insurance needed is called liability coverage. If you are still financing your vehicle then you will need to purchase a full coverage policy. We recommend comparing a few quotes with different coverage amounts to see how it will fit into your budget. Each quote will have an option to adjust coverage amount which will increase or decrease your rate.

Liability insurance is an inexpensive coverage that does not protect you in case of an accident or a theft; it only allows you the ability to drive legal. Liability protects the other person in case of an accident that occurred by you. On the other hand, full coverage not only allows you to drive legally, it also protects you and your vehicle from a number of things including medical coverage, collision protection, and theft. Although full coverage is more expensive, it can be purchased cheaply by researching and obtaining free quotes online or over the phone. If you are interested in a full coverage or liability policy see if can qualify for any discounts below.

1. Good Student Discount

2. Good Driver

3. Being an Educator

4. Military Discount

5. Multi Car Discounts

6. Senior Citizen Discount

7. Alarm Discounts

8. Defensive Driving Discounts

Getting free car insurance quotes on a regular basis is great idea and will keep you up to date and informed on which discounts are available or new. You can obtain a free quote by entering your zip code at the top of the website. This will locate the top insurance providers in your area. Good luck on your insurance hunt!