How Seniors Can Save Money on Their Auto Insurance

There are numerous things that a senior driver can do to lower their auto insurance premium. Most car insurance companies offer special discounts just for seniors that can really help reduce their rate. As with any driver, seniors should compare quotes from multiple insurance companies to make sure they are getting the best rate and coverage possible. Here are some tips on how seniors can save money on their car insurance:

1) Take a Defensive Driving Class: There are many places that offer defensive driving classes designed for senior drivers. These classes teach drivers safe driving techniques and help reduce your auto insurance premium. To qualify for this discount, your car insurance company will probably ask you to send in proof of completion of the defensive driving course. 

2) Evaluate Your Mileage: A lot of seniors are retired and only drive up to the store to run errands, to visit friends and family, or to go get a bite to eat. Insurance companies look at the amount of miles you drive each year to determine your insurance rate, so if you don’t drive many miles, you could qualify for a cheaper auto insurance premium.  

3) Evaluate Your Car: Does your car have good safety features such as side airbags, an alarm, and anti-lock brakes? These safety features help lower your auto insurance rates. A lot of older cars do not have such safety features, so you might want to consider getting a newer vehicle that provides better protection in order to lower your rate. 

4) Qualifying Organizations: Most auto insurance companies have partnerships with a variety of different organizations. If you are a member of one of these organizations, you could qualify for a discounted rate. Some examples are AAA and AARP.  

5) Do Your Research: The easiest way to find cheap auto insurance is to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers. Comparing at least 3-5 quotes can help you save hundreds on your auto insurance each year.