How to Obtain Auto Insurance Discounts

When you are shopping for car insurance, you probably do not pay much attention to the details. Most people assume that all policies are the same, and that all applicants pay the same rate. The truth is, there are numerous factors that determine how much you pay for your insurance coverage. There are some factors you cannot control, such as your age and gender; however, you can play a significant role in obtaining auto discounts, if you know what to look for.

The best way to obtain auto discounts is to ask your agent to provide you a list of all the discounts a company offers. Most agents know about these discounts, but they will not always tell you unless you ask. This is largely because most agents work on commission, so the higher the policy premium, the more they earn.
Once you have obtained a list of all available discounts, determine which ones apply to your present situation. If you insure multiple vehicles, own a home, or have a vehicle with advanced safety features, you should be able to obtain these discounts. Likewise, some companies will offer a reduced rate for drivers who only use their vehicles for recreational use, rather than for commuting to work each day.

Then, take a look at which discounts you could qualify for if you take specific actions. For example, some companies offer a modest discount to drivers who take a voluntary defensive driving course. Although a driving course might not be the most exciting way to spend a Saturday afternoon, it could help you save $100 or more a year on your auto premiums. If you own your home, you might also consider insuring your house and car with the same company - most companies offer discounts of 10 to 15% if you carry multiple types of coverage.

Finally, provide your agent with any documentation necessary to qualify for discounts. Proving that your car has special safety features, or that you have taken a defensive driving course, might be a little time consuming; however, it will go a long way toward obtaining auto insurance discounts and saving money on your policy premiums.

Author: Nikki James