I am turning 16 next month, and my parents are buying me a car for my birthday. I really want a sports car, but I am worried that the auto insurance will be too expensive. What can I do?

Well, unfortunately teen auto insurance is going to be very expensive no matter what you drive. You are better off driving a small 4 door car or a minivan. It’s really not a good idea to drive a sports car when you are an inexperienced, young driver. Statistics show that teens that drive sports cars are much more likely to get tickets and in to accidents, and insurance companies charge ridiculously high rates to offset this risk.

Unless your parents are willing to spend a few hundred dollars to insure you every month, you might want to get the idea of a sports car out of your head. It’s better to stick to a more practical car that has good safety features and is reliable. If you are dead set on a sports car, you should compare free auto insurance quotes online to get an idea of how much insurance is going to cost. By doing a little bit of research you may be able to find cheap auto insurance for a teen driver.