I own a 1992 Honda Accord, and I only drive it about 2000 miles a year. What can I do to get a cheaper auto insurance rate?

Since you are driving an older car, you might want to consider just carrying liability insurance (required state minimum coverage). Liability insurance is much cheaper than full coverage. Liability insurance only provides coverage for damage you do to other people’s vehicles, property and any injuries you may cause. It does not cover any damages to your vehicle. Sometimes basic liability insurance is a good option for a driver with an older car that doesn’t drive many miles because it isn’t worth it to them to have full coverage and pay higher premiums for a car that isn’t very valuable.

Most auto insurance companies offer low mileage discounts for drivers that drive under a certain amount of miles per year. Ask your current car insurance provider what kind of discount you may qualify for only driving 2000 miles per year. The fewer miles you drive a year, the less you are on the road, and the lower chance of you getting in to an accident. To the auto insurance company this means that you are less of a risk to insure and you save money every month on your auto insurance.