Low Car Insurance Rates: Coverage and Shopping Around

The best way to receive low insurance rates is to first decide what coverage you need and what you don't. Does it make sense to get collision and comprehensive coverage on an older care? Compare the costs to the possible benefits. Are you willing to cover small claims yourself? If so, a higher deductible can save you money.

How much liability coverage you choose also affects your rates. The lower the limits the less your coverage will cost, but you may be personally responsible for any losses above your coverage.

Next, shop around. This means going online and checking every website that you can find which offers auto insurance quotes. By doing this you will be able to compare as many carriers as possible in order to find the best rates. Make sure you check sites that show quotes from many different carriers; that way you won't see rates limited to one company.

Maintaining a good credit rating and a good driving record are other ways to save money. A record with no claims is in your favor when it comes to saving money.

Ask for discounts. Did you know your teenager may qualify for a discounted rate just for being a good student? If you didn't know this or ask for every discount possible, you might pay more than necessary.

Paying annually, rather than more often saves fees and financing charges and getting online statements may also save you some money.

Author: Sanford Ellowitz