The Effect of a No Fault Accident on Your Car Insurance Premium

You’re driving down the road and out of nowhere a car runs in to you. It wasn’t your fault, so your car insurance rates shouldn’t go up….right? Well, that just depends on your insurance provider and your previous driving record and insurance claim history. Remember, fault in an accident is determined by the police officer that arrives at the scene of the accident. The officer will usually give the at fault driver a ticket. You aren’t free and clear just because you think it wasn’t your fault.

Even if you are not at fault, your auto insurance premium could still go up. If you have had multiple insurance claims or have received multiple tickets your car insurance provider might think you are a higher risk to insure and raise your rates. If up until now you have had a perfect driving record and no insurance claims, your insurance company is more likely to give you a break and not raise your rates. The length of time since your last accident is also a huge factor in whether or not your rates will go up after a no fault accident. If it’s been 2 years since your last accident, your chances of a rate increase are lower than if your last accident was 2 months ago.

If you have any questions about your no fault accident and your auto insurance premium, you should contact your auto insurance provider. If your company raises your rates, you always have the option of shopping around for a different car insurance company. Some auto insurance companies offer an accident forgiveness program that might be helpful in your situation. Comparing auto insurance quotes from 3-5 different companies will definitely increase your chances of finding the cheapest car insurance possible.