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Classic Car Insurance

Typically a car is considered a classic car if it was built between 1925 and 1959.  This is the most widely accepted definition of a classic car, but not everyone agrees on exactly what qualifies a vehicle as a classic car.  Classic cars are normally very valuable as well as very expensive to insure.  Not all auto insurance companies provide coverage for classic cars, so you might have to do quite a bit of research to find a company that will insure you.  Most classic car owners only use their cars for car shows and special events and do not drive them on a regular basis if ever.  If you use your classic car as your daily driver, you will probably have a harder time finding affordable classic car insurance. 

There are a few different types classic car insurance available, so you can choose the policy that works the best for your situation.  You should contact a few different classic car insurers to see who offers you the best coverage and the most affordable auto insurance.  You can also compare classic car insurance quotes online.

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