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What is PLPD Car Insurance?

The term PLPD stands for public liability and property damage coverage. This is basically just a fancy name for basic liability insurance or the state required minimum auto insurance coverage.  PLPD insurance provides coverage for damage that you cause to another person’s property or vehicle in an accident.  It is important to remember that basic liability insurance does not cover you or your vehicle if you get in to an accident or your vehicle is stolen or vandalized.  If you want to protect yourself and your vehicle you will need to purchase full coverage car insurance.   Full coverage car insurance includes physical damage coverage, including comprehensive and collision coverage as well as liability insurance. 

PLPD auto insurance is usually much cheaper than full coverage, so it might be easier on your monthly budget to only carry liability coverage.   Remember, if you financed your car, the lien holder will usually require you to carry full coverage, so you might want to think about the cost of insurance before you purchase a new car.  If you have an older, paid off vehicle that isn’t worth much, you might consider only carrying liability insurance coverage.  The amount of car insurance coverage you have is really up to you and depends on your unique situation.  It is good idea to compare a few car insurance quotes before you purchase an auto insurance policy to see exactly how much coverage you can afford and which company offers you the cheapest auto insurance.

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